May 2nd, 2017

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Japanese translation....

Hello -
I posted in multilingual and have got nothing, so I'm hoping someone here can help.

I'm trying to find the Japanese word for 'Ma'am'. The character is an older woman, very respected, and the person 'in charge' of a group that is basically militant freedom fighters.

She is, herself, ex-military, but she holds no rank currently. Her title, if she had one, would be 'Director', but I simply want her to be called 'Ma'am' with utmost respect.

Thank you!

Googled all over, have found nothing that is specific, just tons of stuff in Japanese characters that mean 'head of this' 'older aunt that' and etc. Please give me the word in Roman letters and not characters? Thank you.

[Anon Post] Places to dump a body near Chicago, faking accident

Setting: Chicago, present day. I'm thinking this event happens right around Memorial Day weekend, but I can adjust that if needed.

I'm writing a book where crooks take a dead guy and dump him on an isolated hiking trail, making the death look like an accident. The dump needs to happen in the daytime - between around 9 am to 1 pm on a work day. It's raining that day.

What I need: an isolated wilderness area that has steep and or slippery paths with things like rock formations or rocky outcrops/canyon walls or just lots of large rocks - so that someone dying after slipping and hitting his head is believable. It would be best if the crooks don't need to show ID when arriving at the park/trail entrance.

Research so far: Googled hiking trails near Chicago, places to hike near Chicago, least crowded hiking trails near Chicago, Challenging hiking trails near Chicago. I looked at the websites for Starved Rock State Park, Matthiessen State Park and Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, but these areas are popular/crowded.

I also Googled places where bodies have been dumped Chicago. Came up with Humboldt Park - not a rugged wilderness area, so not suitable.

Extra details about the death: guy fell backwards during a struggle and hit his head on the edge/top of a short (think waist height) concrete wall. There was bleeding into and around the brain. He died within minutes. I'm going with a closed head wound (mo mess at the scene).

[Anon Post] Veterinary Surgery on Large Animals, Recovery Time


I'm writing a--well, you probably already have the general idea.

Anyway, let us say, for the purposes of a story, that an adult horse (think thoroughbred or Arabian mare, if the exact size or conformation matters, say around fifteen hands and about 800 pounds, a young adult in very good overall health) is subjected to complex and invasive emergency abdominal surgery in order to save her life. (let's say that her owners regarded her as a beloved pet, or a tremendously expensive investment in a brood mare from a champion bloodline, and didn't want her put down, and someone guessed, correctly, that she could be saved, if you're wondering why she wouldn't just have been euthanized there and then).

How long would it likely take the mare to recover? How long before she regained consciousness after the surgery, how long before she could walk or run? What complications are likely? What would her care involve, in the hours and days after the surgery? Would she be on any kind of medication after the surgery, and if so, what types are likely or at least plausible, and for how long?