March 10th, 2017

Teenage leg injury

Hi everyone, I can't believe I only just found this community, but it looks like the perfect place for me :D There are things I've been looking for for years (literally), and I probably just haven't been systematic enough... but I also read all the injury posts on here, and just wanna check that what I have makes sense, since you're such knowledgeable, kind experts :)

So I have a teenage character who was hit by a car when riding a bike, and a few years later still needs (and always will pretty much) a cane to walk. No other long lasting consequences, other than a few scars, are necessary. (I also think, since the story is set in England, he'd need to wear a helmet, and I guess he did, since I'm not trying to get him killed)

Anyway, here is the situation:
He can't really take more than maybe a few steps without the cane, it's basically neccessary all the time (after all, a teenager wouldn't use it otherwise), and it's certainly noticeable that he has a limp and walks a bit slow, enough so that other kids can mock him a bit ;p I was also thinking that it would be painful to put too much weight on that leg, and that it would occasionally bother him, but nothing too horrible.

Now, here is what I was thinking - seeing as it's a young person so should heal easily, and assuming he got really good medical care, would it make sense to say that it's all caused by a badly broken femur resulting in some nerve damage? I don't neccessarily need minute anatomical details, just want this to seem credible to an average person and also want to understand the basic mechanism so I know how he feels and what he can do.

Thank you!

Question: town with open land near London?

Hi, I am writing a story set in modern day UK/alternate history with dragons, and would like to know which town near London would a relatively middle-class family live in? With the caveat that it must have some open land/green space/fores(?) for the dragon.

Possible matches on google search turned up: Kettering-Northamptonshire and Sittingbourne-Kent. Would these do? Or is it a big mistake?^^

EDIT: The background on the family in the story:
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