January 8th, 2017

  • ruthste

Celebrity crush 2000s US

I'm looking for a little help on what celebrity would my character had been likely to have a crush on?

It would have been no earlier than 2000, probably before 2005. The character's from New York State but I'm not sure if that should make a difference.

I'm ideally looking for a film actor, but TV actor, musician or even sports star is a valid alternative.

I want it to be someone who was at least late 20s at the time, male, tall, dark haired, and a non-American accent would be a bonus.

I realise this is highly subjective but I have tried to google: celebrity crush; celebrity crush 2000s US; tall, dark haired actors

Many thanks

Edited 09/01: Thanks to everyone - I've had some really good suggestions, and I'm making a shortlist... A couple of people asked how old my character is so wanted to add they were born in 1990 so I'm looking at somewhere between 10 and 15.