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Sloppy oriental character name

Hello, people, sorry to bother y'all, this one is driving me insane.
I have a character who roughly approximates to a geisha in a kind-of fantasy mish-mash of as many oriental cultures as seem like a good idea at the time. Yes, he's a RP character, don't worry, he won't be gracing anybody's shelves anytime soon.
Anyway. The question:

He is needing an alias - well, a working name. I'd like him to be called 'lion cub' in traditional-Chinese, simple-Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, I don't mind. I have Googled a selection of 'English-(insert language here) translation', 'English-(language) phonetic translation', 'English-(language) phonetic free translation' and 'Geisha names'.
Main problems I am coming up against is that my computer reads nearly all Oriental script as question marks and most of these translators are things I would have to pay money for (for two words? Ghlack that).
Babelfish does in fact translate into trad-Chinese, simp-Chinese and Japanese - but how do you pronounce a row of question marks? Please, detailers, help me! My boy may be a trashy yaoi RP character, but he's aspiring to attention to detail at least...
Tags: ~languages: chinese, ~languages: japanese, ~names

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