October 29th, 2016

Gentle Rose

Abdominal puncture (that looks worse than it is) to order

Setting: Modern day (Teen Wolf and Marvel Cinematic universes)

Summary: At two different points in my story, two characters get abdominal stab wounds - an adult male super-soldier in his late 20's, then a female teenaged child-soldier a few months later. I need a lower-left abdominal stab wound that would take an average, adult human male ~4-6 months to recover from, and which would need some form of surgery to fix. The worse it looks, the better, as this will be caught on video and go viral. I also need to know what life-preserving measures his teammates will take while in the field. The second stabbing victim's friends have seen the video, and will clumsily copy the life-saving efforts demonstrated in it when she is stabbed, and they keep her alive until help arrives.

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