July 24th, 2016

Prohibited items on Airlines


I'm trying to find out about food items prohibited on domestic airline flights within the US. I've gone to specific airline websites (Delta, British Airways, AA) to see what items are prohibited- liquids, flammables etc are listed, but when it comes to food items it seems vague.

What I want to know if someone is flying within the US could they take food items such as raw meet (in a cooler bag), smoked meat, cooked food etc in their hand luggage.

My premise is a young man going away to college and his parents filling his suitcase with food! Has anybody done this, especially on the more smaller carriers such as Great Lake Airlines (which I've checked but their website is very basic). I imagine smaller carriers more relaxed, and the larger ones more stricter. But I could be wrong.

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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