July 16th, 2016


Losing checked carry-ons and having them returned in weird circumstances.

Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have some questions about a scenario I'm working on, one of which mostly needs rubber stamping and one of which I need help developing. I hope this is ok.

Setting: Christmas 2014 in a modern superhero setting (thing DCTV or MCU pre-AOU)

Search Terms: "lost checked carry on," "lost luggage" "delayed luggage," "checked carry on" "return lost luggage to origin" "lost luggage policy," "checked baggage reimbursement", "how long delayed baggage"

Search Terms for Secondary Issue: "temporary custody" "runaway law" "michigan runaway law" "new york runaway law"

TLDR: I've figured out how to strand my teenage character without clothes on an emergency holiday trip to a relative's, but I've never flown and am not sure where the missing bags will turn up. I need them to go back to the origin, not the destination, or to reach the destination in 24-36 hours but the minor not to show up to claim them until reaching the airport 36 hours later. I also have some tentative conclusions about the custody situation with the kid that I need rubberstamped.

Scenario: I have a 17-year-old AMAB nonbinary character, let's call them M, who attends a high school in NYC and lives with their gay brother C. C is attacked and his family threatened, and so from his hospital bed he directs a few friends to take M home to pack a bag and books M a flight to stay with their only living relatives, an estranged Uncle and Aunt in Detroit. M packs a carry-on, which is checked due to late boarding and full overheads, and travels from Newark to Detroit after a layover in either Orlando or Atlanta. The luggage doesn't make it to Detroit.

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My main issue is, if M's lost bag goes back to Aunt and Uncle in Detroit, M will never get it back. It would be helpful storywise if they eventually got it. If M reports the bag stolen, will it be sent to Detroit or Newark? If it's sent to Detroit and it was delayed because of a tight layover, would it arrive by the next day, or the day after? Could the evil Uncle prevent M from finding out about the missing bags when they come in, but S&G find a way to help them pick the bags up when they head to DTW to fly back to New York? How worried do I need to be about Aunt and Uncle, delayed luggage reimbursement, and fraud claims?

From the custody point of view, does what I have make sense given Michigan law? Would the police permit the child to go with two unrelated adults with a reputation for protecting children and a long personal history with the kid? And if so, would they insist charges be filed against the uncle or a hospital trip be made with the teenager?

Thanks for your help.