June 17th, 2016


[ANON POST] 18th Century Clothes Storage

I am working on a story set in 1770 England and I've been wondering how people stored their clothes in their homes, i.e. did they fold the dresses and frocks and put them in drawers, did they have some sort of suit bags, did they leave them on mannequins in separate rooms, did they have hangers, how did they store bodices and hoopskirts?

I tried several searches on Google, among others "18th century clothes storage" "18th century wardrobe" and "18th century folding clothes", which gave me results about stores (as in shops), furniture, and folding screens as well as the folds on ladies' dresses, respectively. I have seen pictures of tallboy wardrobes, but I am still unclear as to how, say, a ballgown would have been stored as opposed to just men's culottes.