May 31st, 2016

Josh Hartnett

UK Prison Psych Help

Setting: Modern day UK.
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I have learned quite a bit about the prisons and remand centers in the UK, but I couldn't find anything regarding this.

Character A (early 20's) has been charged with a crime and is awaiting trial at a remand center. He has a history of psychiatric problems including a suicide attempt and self-harm. Character B goes to visit him at the remand center and character A makes comments basically saying he's going to commit suicide. Before character B can talk him down, character A gets up to leave and won't come back.

What can character B do to make sure that character A doesn't follow through on the suicide threats? The only thing that I've been able to find is how character A could get help for himself within the prison. The threat would be great enough that character B would immediately want to get help, but is there anything he could do? Also, character A would need continuing help to deal with mental health issues while at the remand center, but he wouldn't ask for it himself. Does he have to attempt suicide for anything to be done about those issues?

Las Posadas in Southwestern US details

Hi guys,

I have a Mexican-American MC who was born and raised on the East Coast (U.S.) but visits her grandparents who came from Mexico (who are currently living in the American southwest) every Christmas between the ages of 5-11 years old. Time period is mid-to-late 90s through mid-2000s.

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