March 28th, 2016


[ANON POST] Annecy, An Airplane Crash, and Lingering Effects

Setting: Annecy and Corsica, France, August 2008
Background: A family of five take a vacation to Corsica. Halfway, the plane crashes, killing the parents and leaving the three children scarred.

Brace yourselves, for this is a bit broad and long…

1. Is it possible to camp around Lake Annecy? As far as I know, there are resorts around the area, but what I want is a place where it is possible to catch the Perseid meteor showers overnight.

2. Would it be logical for a family from Annecy choosing to enter Geneva to catch a flight to Ajaccio, Corsica? The Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc Airport near doesn’t seem to fly straight to Corsica (apparently they only serve weekly scheduled flights to Paris and the UK), and if not Geneva, where else would it be plausible?

3. If the air crash occurred somewhere some fifty kilometers northwest off the coast of Corsica, would the hospitals in Corsica be well-equipped enough to deal with the disaster, or would they have to be sent elsewhere, like Marseilles or Nice? And which hospitals would be well-equipped enough to deal with such a disaster?

4. What kind of psychiatric care would French hospitals offer for survivors of airplane crashes? (Think PTSD) How long would it be before therapy starts if the victims are conscious and suffer no major injuries?

5. Also, French inheritance law puts the children first when it comes to inheriting the estates of their parents. In this case, the three surviving children would inherit ¾ of their parents’ estates, along with the house in Annecy, with the remaining ¼ being freely disposable (i.e. passed on to others according to the parents’ wishes). However, their parents also specifically mentioned in their will to have them sent to Paris, under the care of their grandmother. If there is no relative living nearby to take care of the house, what would happen to it? (Their grandmother is specifically stated to be their personal guardian and property manager.)

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I’m not French, and I don’t speak the language, so it’s a little frustrating to use Google Translate on an entire website and glean almost zero information from it. Any resources and answers are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!