March 24th, 2016


[ANON POST] Birthdate of Christian August von Brockdorff / Brockdorff Family Tree

Time/place: Prussia, early(ish) 1700s (about?)

Hi guys! So, I need some help in my attempts to research an actual historical person for a RPF/historical fiction story. The person in question is Christian August von Brockdorff (chamberlain and favorite of Peter III of Russia, received the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky in 1761…).

What I’m actually trying to find out is (approximately) when he was born. There’s very little information on this person in general (due to little historical significance) but given that he is meant to feature prominently among the cast for this story (mainly due to him being an intimate of Peter III) I’d like to get a decent estimate of how old he would be at certain times, and for that I’d need a(n approximate) birthdate.

(I earlier saw an estimate of “circa 1730” in a secondary source, but recently I’ve started to doubt the accuracy of this, especially since that estimate seems to have been removed from the page.)

In the course of my research for this story, I’ve gone through a fairly extensive research process, focused on Peter III and some of the members of his inner circle. But none of the primary or secondary sources I’ve seen give enough info to be able to deduce a birthdate or give estimates. (In fact, it is sometimes hard to tell whether they are talking about this Brockdorff, his father or someone else with the same last name). More pointedly, I’ve tried to go about this by searching for a family tree of some sort for the family (I figured since the Brockdorffs were a noble family there might be some public information…) but I’ve come up short. However, I’m also complete rubbish when it comes to genealogy research. (Not knowing German doesn’t help…) (Via google I’ve tried “[von] Brockdoff + family tree,” “[von] Brockdoff + genealogy,” a couple of synonyms to those and similar searches in Russian, as well as trying to piggyback off of the “Brockdorff (Adelsgeschlecht)” wiki article sources/bib, but again, since I don’t know German, this rout isn’t very fruitful.)

If anyone has any ideas for resources I could look to or anything else where I could potentially find some information, please do share :)