March 19th, 2016

ruby red2

Jail Time to Order/Accessory to Simple Kidnapping

Setting: Modern day USA. So far the story only implies that it's an east coast state, nothing more. But for the sake or argument it could be Florida or Georgia.

I've googled Minimum Sentence for Accessory to Abduction, Minimum Sentence for Accessory to Simple Kidnapping, and Accessory to Second Degree Simple Kidnapping and mostly got results for laws and sentences for kidnapping and various degrees of kidnapping. Also one that gave minimum sentences for various crimes (this one: - nothing for abduction or accessory). But even assuming the sentences and charges could be the same, I'm still not finding answers to the specific situation a character I'm writing is in.

Character A sets Character B (who is over 21) up to be abducted. Those who abduct Character B have no weapons and in no way assault Character B. They only take Character B from one point to another and keep Character B there for a few hours.

When Character A feels guilty for putting Character B through that soon after, he goes to the police and confesses to being an accessory and gives the names of those who actually abducted Character B. Also, this would be the first crime Character A would be jailed for since a misdemeanor assault twenty years earlier.

What I'm wondering is if between:
1.) Character A's confession
2.) Him not having been present when the abduction took place
3.) The fact he gives up those who actually performed the abduction (and who are guilty of only Second Degree Simple Kidnapping and nothing more severe)

Could he be out of jail in six months or less? And if not, what would I need to change so that he could be out within a year at the most?