March 18th, 2016

Gentle Rose

Early 20th Century Catholic and Jewish Questions

I'm writing about two men from New York, starting in the Great Depression and WWII, and ending in the 21st century, and I'm trying to develop some background for them to use across two separate stories, possibly even more.

One man is the first-generation American child of Irish immigrants, and Catholic. The other man's mother is a Romanian Jew who'd immigrated at some point vaguely around WWI, while his father is a Catholic whose family has been in America for generations. As you can imagine, this marriage was controversial for that time period, and that plays a part on the young man's life (in one story, he was always Jewish; in another story, he was Catholic for most of his life but became Jewish as a young adult). Both men are from New York, seeing themselves as Brooklyn boys first and foremost, and the bulk of the questions are related to the 1920's-1940's, but the story is partially/mostly set in the 21st century.

In case that last line didn't make it obvious, this is MCU fandom. The Catholic-Jewish man is Bucky Barnes, and the Irish-Catholic man is Steve Rogers.

Since there are walls of text behind the cut, my questions are about:

1.) Interfaith ritual participation
2.) Anti-Catholic vs Anti-Irish sentiments
3.) Burials
4.) Dog tags
5.) Wedding traditions
6.) Language (Irish dialects)
7.) Schools
8.) Living arrangements

I have done a lot of searches and attempted research on all of these. My questions here are for situations where I either couldn't find specific answers, I found conflicting information, or I'm unsure of where to start/how to look.

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