March 1st, 2016

Silver Fox

Killing to order and subsequent exhumation

Setting: Fantasy world; no gunpowder. Continental climate.
Edit: make that humid continental climate, like American Midwest/ Central Canada, or southern Siberia. Also, the soil is supposed to be quite fertile, probably chernozemic.

Situation: Characters exhume a body.


1. It’s a body of a formerly athletic white man aged 25-30. He died from a crossbow arrow (bolt) in the back. Important: he didn't get to see who killed him.

2. The arrow was probably a removable-blade broadhead, because the arrowhead got so stuck in the wound nobody bothered to cut it out.

3. The guy was killed about 5 months ago, in April; it is now end of August.

Characters find the wound and get the arrow out.

At that point, magic kicks in and the corpse comes back to life, but I'd like everything leading up to that moment to be more or less scientific. I'm trying not to focus on disturbing details too much, but I do need to be aware of them so I can set the scene up realistically.


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Any help is greatly appreciated!