February 8th, 2016

  • tinnean

Russian phrase, English spelling

My MC is very fluent in languages, which is why I went this route. He calls his lover Ochi chornyye. In turn, his lover calls him "green eyes." Now, originally I'd used zelenye glaza, but before having the book published, I wanted to double check. I was told the phrase I should use was ochi verzi.

Today I received an email asking why I'd used a Romanian phrase but said it was Russian. Before I ask my publisher to take down the book so I can make corrections, I thought I'd ask here.

Google translate tells me ochi verzi is Romanian, and when I put in green eyes, I get the Russian spelling. I've tried searching "green eyes in Russian with English spelling" and got the translation of "spelling". I also looked up the words to the song "Dark Eyes," but obviously that doesn't mention green eyes.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.