January 31st, 2016


a hand pressed to the small of her back".

I'm not sure if this belongs here but I need some help in the sphere of body language perception:

I'm translating a short story from English and I'd like to know how the modern Americans would decipher the following element of body language:

"His mother sometimes looked our way as she came and went from the house. She didn't reveal anything that we were mature enough to read—only kept on, often with a hand pressed to the small of her back".

It's from a short story by a comtemporary American writer, I won't describe the context yet. I'd like to know what this description can tell about her hidden feelings (the caracter is an adult American woman living on Long Island).

I've Googled it and I found only lots of "his hand pressed to the small of her back" in erotic context.

Thanks, everybody! Most commenters have perceived it as "backpain" or "pregnancy".

A bit more context: The woman is a minor character. Little is said about her except this scene where she is looking at the students of a school near her house (it's possible she bears a grudge against the school, see full text for explanation), and once we see her slapping her son (a teenage bully) for beating up smaller kids (yet he goes on bullying them, anyway). Also, as far as we know, she has only one son, so let's assume the author doesn't  imply she's pregnant.

So for now I'm assuming she feels some mental pain when she sees the students (or maybe she is just tired, her son seems like a never-do-well)

Here is the text

exsanguinated corpse

Okay, the main plot of my post-WWII London-set fantasy/mystery novel involves a young woman whose body is magically drained of all of its blood. So there's no wound, but all of the blood is disappeared from her body, killing her (obviously). She's found within a matter of hours of this happening, and the examination of her body that's going to be described in the book happens about 48 hours after death. What I really want to know is how a bloodless corpse would be different from a regular corpse. Would it look different? Feel different? Decompose at a different rate?

I've looked up both "exsanguination" and "exsanguinated corpse" on google and what I'm getting is causes of exsanguination, definitions of it, and references to it various books (mostly crime/mysteries), but no good descriptions. I've also looked in the archives here but haven't found anything that deals with this topic in particular. Any help here would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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