January 27th, 2016

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Translating ASL into English

So - writing an Avengers AU fic, and I want to have a couple of exchanges of someone signing to Clint, or Clint signing to them, and rather than just say that, I'd like to put down what they/he is saying as it would be structured in ASL.

I've googled basically that (translate english to asl sentence structure) and have gotten several sites talking *about* ASL grammar and sentence structure, and a lot of very simple sentence examples, like 'He threw the ball', but nothing that really does what I need.

So - anyone able to translate for me? Thanks, if you can!

"I'll be by around three, I think?"

"No later than four, I gotta get some art over the bridge and then I'll be back to help with the new intakes." (The 'intakes' are rescued cats.)

Mid-Level Chess Sacrifice

Setting: Present Day, Oxford England

Despite knowing absolutely nothing about chess, I recently decided that I desperately needed to write a strip chess scene in one of my stories.

I need Player 1 (ex: white for clarity’s sake) to lose at least 2 pawns and 2-3 non-pawn pieces while still winning the game. Ideally, Player 1 will win through a deliberate sacrifice of a major piece (preferably a queen, but a bishop or knight might work as well).

I don’t necessarily need the exact moves (ex:  White Pawn to E5), since I probably wouldn’t understand them anyway. I would just like to know which side would lose which pieces in which order (ex: black knight captures white pawn; white rook captures black rook 2 moves later, etc.)
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More Details
Player 2 can lose pieces as well, but should not exceed the pieces lost by Player 1.

Both Player 1 and Player 2 are decent at chess, but neither is professional-level.  Player 2 is slightly-but significantly—better at chess than Player 1, but is distracted enough by Player 1’s loss of clothing to miss a trap that he ordinarily would have caught.
As I mentioned earlier, a Queen’s Sacrifice is preferred to a bishop’s or knight’s but the sacrifice should as elaborate as  anything that  might appear in a world championship match, as neither of the players are at that level.

Previous Research
I’ve tried the search terms “queen’s sacrifice,” “simple chess sacrifice,” and “chess for dummies” amongst other variations. I have watched several video simulations, primarily on the MarvinMartian and thechesswebsite Youtube channels. I have also consulted lists of previous  “queen’s sacrifices” and other “”sacrifices” on chessgames.com, a website that includes interactive visual simulations of the matches.

Everything I have consulted thus far is beyond my very primitive understanding of chess.

Furthermore, from my limited understanding of what I have seen so far, the sacrifices are either too advanced/complicated for these players and/ or end the game before Player 1 can lose enough pieces (and by extension, clothes) to keep the game interesting.