January 22nd, 2016

Terminating pregnancy in Colonial US

Setting: approx.1778 - Southern Pennsylvania

Character is a healthy 24 year old, who suspects they are between one and two months pregnant (based on their last full cycle and when they last had intercourse). Continuing the pregnancy to term is not an option for them and they don't want to risk waiting any longer. I understand herbal teas would have been used in this situation but am not entirely clear on which herbs would be most likely/easy to obtain and their likely effectiveness (the only figures I can find are modern ones). I'm also interested in the penalties if the character was found out.

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Thanks in advance

ETA (28 Jan): thanks for the comments - all very helpful. Some useful answers and some new things to look at. I'd still welcome any additional comments about precise dosages (particularly to confirm if whichever 'remedy' they choose needs to be taken over multiple doses)