January 16th, 2016

diabolical dragon

Injury to Order: Kids playing with sharp things

Hi, Little Details! It's been awhile.

I admit, I'm kind of afraid to search too much on this one because I don't want to get into any gory images. I did google a bit for variations on "sword falling on hand damage" but mostly got debunkings of the whole bare-handed block technique, which is not at all what I'm looking for.

Here's the scenario: it's a fic set in the Lord of the Rings universe. Two elf kids (around 12 in age equivalent) manage to get their hands on Aeglos (the glaive pictured here)

I need the one who is actually handling it to get injured enough to scare them both, but not anything permanently disabling or fatal. I can handwave infection issues off due to elven healing etc. etc., and scarring is fine as long as it's not to the face.

I found an SCA resource listing weights of some historical weapons and the glaive in that record was a little over 9 lbs. These kids have both received some archery training and very basic sword training, so I was thinking it would make sense for him to be able to lift it/pretend to fight with it, but not quite have the strength/dexterity to control it, and somehow drop it on himself? Or maybe drop it and try to catch it but grab the blade? Then again, I'm not sure if it's weighted in a way that would make that possible, and I'm not sure if that would take his fingers off entirely! (It could be somewhat dull, as it has been out of use and packed away for hundreds of years at this point in the timeline)