December 31st, 2015

pingouin plongeon

Correct use of "Miss + Christian name" (Britain)

Hello ^^ I have a question about the correct use of the title Miss. I understand from reading and research that Miss + Surname is for the eldest unmarried daughter of a family, while the other daughters are addressed as Miss + Christian name in conversation and Miss + full name in writing.
Does this mean that when the eldest daughter of a family marries, the next one takes on the title Miss + Surname ?
Also, if an eldest daughter dies (unmarried), does the next one become Miss + Surname as well?
The setting is 19th-century to modern-day Britain if that makes a difference (if the usage changed over that period of time, I need to know ^^).
I Googled "correct use of Miss + Christian name" but I only found the basic rule which I already knew about. I read a few period manners handbooks too some time ago, but I don't think they contained the precise information I'm looking for - I assume it would have been obvious for contemporary readers.