December 29th, 2015

russian diminutives

I'm working on a story that's set in modern NYC, though the two characters involved are both fairly... Russian. Natasha was born and raised in Russia, and has only been living in the US for about six months - Bucky was born in the US, but lived in Russia from about 8 to 22. (You're probably picking up who exactly these characters are by now.)

I've been looking for something for her to call him - I searched on google for russian diminutives, and then I thought of buck = deer, so I did some searching for making diminutive nouns, and through that I believe that olenik may be the proper diminutive, but I know that's also a surname so I'm not certain if it's exactly accurate.

Basically, I'm just wanting to know what the proper diminutive is for "deer". But I'm also open to any other suggestions for what Nat might call him???