December 4th, 2015

advisory warning // darumaseye

EMP weapons and the destruction of a civilisation

Quite bluntly, I don't have the physics to understand the information I'm getting. I've searched EMP weapons, EMP itself, read some articles about what happens when the sun decides to kill us all, wound up on a couple of survialist websites (fun!), and gone through tags and found semi-relevant questions in weapons, catastrophes, and technology.

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1) Could I have all of these vessels in contact with satellites that are connected to their home city and have my EMP weapon take out the home city's electronics? Would that make the airships crash, or would they turn into gliders? (For practical purposes, the boats go dumb but many are able to be gotten to shore. The airships should crash.)

2) Should I just unleash an EMP event that has continental reach and accept the ramifications in terms of structural devastation to my city? If I do the latter, is there some way I can "safe" the walking cities against the EMP? They are essentially mechanical in nature, but their programming is electronic. However, they were also developed as a weapon of war, so I could have their programming be more like punch cards. The cities are powered with solar panelling so I don't think that's an issue. I may have some of the power for the airships and boats also be solar because then I can have spooky and mysterious LEDs flicker at the people who are studying a crash site.

3) Would whatever happens also take out any docked ships and grounded airships, or do I need a secondary problem to keep them from launching? (I could kill all the crews very easily, since the city that does this is going to be destroyed and abandoned.)

4) Would there be any lingering after-effects, two thousand years later, that a late-Middle-Ages civilisation would notice?

Please help me destroy my civilisation. They were jerks anyway.