December 3rd, 2015

Gentle Rose

Police and EMT Procedure With Suspect/Victim

Setting: Modern Day California
Searched: A slew of permutations of EMT + forensic + police + victim + homicide + suspect, evidence collection guidelines, etc.

I'm trying to figure out how the police and the EMTs would handle an injured Suspect at a homicide scene. He is sitting on the ground nearby in deep psychological shock, and mostly catatonic except for flinching/scrambling away from anyone who approaches him. He is visibly injured - bleeding from a gash on his head, and some form of unseen wound on one shoulder is bleeding profusely, and there is redness/bruising around his wrists and neck, too.

Additionally, the police know him - he is the Sheriff's son, and the dead guy had threatened to kill the Sheriff in front of the entire police department; he was technically supposed to be in jail, in fact, and had escaped a few days previously, and is already well-known for having a violent temper. In short, as soon as the police see who the victim and the Suspect are, they immediately (and correctly) believe this to be a case of self-defense/justifiable homicide, though they will obviously go through all the correct procedures, and will stick to the rules as much as possible to avoid accusations of bias.

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