October 21st, 2015

Checking some geographical details for Western Colorado (near and in Grand Junction Gunnison)

Time: now to near future
Location: Grand Junction Gunnison, Colorado, and surrounding area

Not sure how to search this for beyond what I've already gotten, I'm mostly trying for confirmation from a local (or former local or whatever). I've poked around a bit on Google Maps, but that only tells me so much.

I need the following:
1. A tent campground/designated camping area within reasonable driving distance (maybe 1/2 hr to 1 hr) of the Grand Junction Gunnison airport, that would be likely to be empty on a weekday in April, at least under some probable set of conditions (like "there's still snow on the ground")

2. An abandoned mine, or failing that an extensive cave system, within about a 1-hour walk of 1 (less, if possible), that would likely be sufficiently undisturbed by hikers, park rangers, and the like that sufficiently alert and careful people (intelligent zombies, specifically) could stay there in fairly large numbers without being noticed for a few weeks/months

3. A nursing home, hospice, or some similar location near the outskirts of Grand Junction or one of the nearby communities (or, at least, located such that a bunch of zombies could get to and hide near it, even if just in storm drains or whatever, without being seen), preferably within 5-10 miles of 2

(that is, for my story, I need my journalist to drive to a place with a tent set up and no one there except her and the zombies, then walk to a mine or cave, from which the zombies have been making forays to infect dying people to make more zombies)

Bonus points if these things are also nearish (or at least in the general direction of) the nearest ski resort type area, which Google Maps suggests is Powderhorn Mountain Resort, a bit east of Grand Junction either Crested Butte, or Monarch, if I'm reading things correctly. The zombies also want to infect some spring-break skiers and the like, for geographic spread.

I don't necessarily need to specifically know where these things *are*, I just need to confirm that they *exist*, in a useful configuration relative to each other. I can tell that camping areas and nursing homes exist in the area, but can't tell how busy the former are, or if the latter are in fairly unpopulated areas, and abandoned mines don't really show up on maps afaik.

If these things do not exist together in the Grand Junction area, do they exist near some *other* airport in Western Colorado? (would I be better off sticking all this near Aspen or something?)

edited to swap out my target location