September 27th, 2015

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Washington DC areas/neighbourhoods and their reputation

Where in Washington DC would there be...

1) A neighbourhood where someone who doesn't care is a neighbourhood is 'bad' would live if they wanted to live as cheaply as possible

2) A business neighbourhood (where one might rent office space) that's cheap but not dangerous

3) A place where a travelling church might put up their tent

Googling has only brought up articles aimed for tourists (i.e. bad neighbourhoods to avoid at night, cheap neighbourhoods to stay in, etc.) and real estate pages that aren't always exactly truthful, so I'm looking for the viewpoint of someone who actually knows Washington DC.
Red Spider Lily

Russian Tattoo - NON CRIMINAL

Hello, yes, me again ^^

I'd like to thank all the kind helpers, I have learned so many things thanks to my previous post. Stay awesome, LD community.

I hit another snag in my story, but I'm afraid this one will be a lot harder to answer.
I'm still giving it a try, tho.

So. In canon, the Russian man working for the KGB in the early 1960s has a tattoo on his wrist. (They didn't bother to cover the actor's own, very real tattoo, because it's actually russian looking.) (picture of the tattoo here.)
Now, now, now.

I actually know quite a lot of things about the underworld tattoos in Russia, as I read Danzig Baldaev's books a couple of years ago. Alas, it mostly covers the underground tattoos. Like, in the criminal world, tattoos done in the Gulag camps, etc.

Is it realistic for a KGB agent with NO criminal history to have tattoos? If yes, which kind?
I discovered that Stalin had a tattoo on his chest (a skull), so I guess it's not that far-fetched, but I'm really curious about military/KGB tattoos in the 1950s/60s.

I tried all kind of google-fu, but sadly I don't have access to Russian, and the englishWeb only seems to care about criminal tattoos.

[Bonus point] Actually, I'm curious about the actor's tattoo. It's supposed to say "hammer", but is it the russian word, or a phonetic transcription of the english word?)