September 25th, 2015

Reversable Sabotage of antique radio telegraph?

My story is set on a private island in the UK in the early 1930's. There is a mix of the latest/greatest technology (for the bosses) and run-of-the-mill/slightly out of date technology (for the support staff).

A wrongdoer is disabling their communications systems in order to control the flow of information to the authorities. One of these systems is a wireless telegraph. I would like to have the wrongdoer steal an important component, which can be easily hidden and replaced later.

It appears from my reading that taking the moveable contact of a Perikon detector would do the job, and it would be fairly quick and easy to steal and replace. But:

1) would a commercial-grade (not homemade) system from, say, the mid-20's to early 30's have a Perikon detector, or would it be some other kind of crystal system, or perhaps most likely to be a vacuum tube?
2) Would a crystal contact or vacuum tube have to be handled very delicately, or could you carry it around in your pocket?

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Red Spider Lily

Russian questions & popular songs in the 50ies.

Hello, dear LD.
Long time no see! I hope you are all doing well.

I have a few questions about Russian. (Can you spot when a movie with an interesting Russian character comes out? By the flurry of Russian asks? Hehe :) )
(The movie is Man from U.N.C.L.E and the character is Illya Kuryakin, if that helps.)

The action takes place in the early 1960ies.

1/ I was wondering, what kind of endearing terms would a Russian man born in the 1930ies use for a woman he loves? I see kitten/котенок being used a lot in fanfics, is it accurate?
What sweet nothings could he say to her? In my own language (French), I’d have him say some things like “My heart, my pretty, my little one”, “You make me dream, [I love you so much]I could fly etc. I’d like to have him say some “typical” Russian things, as each language has its own sweet talk. I want something that sounds "natural", not a basic translation. :D

2/ I need to have him hum a song under his breath as he makes tea. Anything springs to mind ? I was thinking, maybe something by Leonid Utyosov or Georg Ots? Or maybe Moscow Nights? But I admit I know absolutely nothing about Russian music from that time, so all suggestions are welcome.
He is in a good mood when he hums it, happy.

3/ I’d also need four sentences translated. I (shamefully) used google translate, could you tell me if it is accurate (Snip Snip)

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Thank you all for your kind help! Stay awesome.