September 24th, 2015

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First-time drunk on cheap Scotch - experience from char's POV?

I'm writing a fanfic in which the main character is a teen girl that decides to drink something for reasons. My interpretation of a canon detail is that she's seen her mom drink Scotch (it's canon that she tries--unsuccessfully--to get herself a bottle of it at some point, instead ending up with something entirely different). Therefore, logically, I decided to have her be successful at acquiring it this time. (From my research, it sounds like she might regret that choice and choose differently the next time she has the option, but she doesn't know that yet.)

What I haven't a clue is what specific details are related to the fact that it's Scotch (and probably quite cheap Scotch, given circumstances). She's only been drunk once before, and on who knows what, and she's relatively small in body, light and short. I have never tasted alcohol myself, and my friends online who have drunk it have never drunk much Scotch (particularly not the cheap stuff) and certainly not enough to get drunk off it.

What I need to know is:
- Would she likely think anything besides "ugh, this stuff tastes NASTY"?
- Are there any specific details of her experience that should be included, from taste to other physical sensations? (One friend told me that it feels different to be drunk on different beverages, searching online got me conflicting results on this, so it'd be helpful to have anyone willing weigh in on it.)
- How long might it take her to get drunk? She's probably about 5 feet tall and is quite slim. Assuming she has just the one bottle (unspecified size, purchase location is London if that helps) . . . (Would she even be able to finish the bottle?)

I tried searching for "what does cheap scotch taste like" (got a few answers along the lines of "burnt cork"--but would this girl even know to make that analogy?). Also, "what does it feel like to be drunk on scotch", to which I ran across the discussion with conflicting views on the "does being drunk feel different depending on the beverage" question. Searching for "how long does it take to get drunk" just gets varieties of "it depends", which is quite logical but unhelpful in my situation. Guesses from people who actually have experienced some things in this area will be more helpful than nothing.

In short, I know too little in this area to even really trust what I see as the results of the searches, mostly because they simply don't address the full range of questions I have. I have someone who can help with the general "this is how drunk people act" (particularly since this is where canon steps in with some unusual things), but she pretty much suggested I ask here because she wouldn't be helpful for the questions above.

Edit: You guys are really helpful, thanks!

I should note that in this case she's going to have just the bottle (because she's sitting in a hallway outside her flat and can't go in for reasons storywise), and she doesn't need to down the whole thing, either, so that's good. From what I'm reading of your comments, it sounds like (on an empty stomach) a few swallows of the stuff straight would get her tipsy, and a few more flat out drunk without the resulting alcohol poisoning that downing a good portion of the bottle would induce. For the story, she just has to get drunk enough to have it affect her psychic abilities, and lower her inhibitions enough to start insulting this character she really doesn't like.

I should also note that the character is a Caucasian female, who's only tasted alcohol once before (she had a small bottle of something unidentifiable--in eastern Asia--and has got drunk enough to stumble about, toss around some negative language at people she was annoyed with, and promptly pass out). She has also eaten recently (they just had supper at an Indian restaurant). This time I need her to get sick before she can pass out, so she'll probably drink slower? Plus since her stomach is full, it'll take a bit more, I guess? She's also American, grew up in the US and is only temporarily in London, so she's approaching this from a very American mindset--but she's also not at ALL a typical teen; has had to take care of herself quite a bit and is a lot more mature in many areas. The only reason she's trying to get drunk has to do with her psychic abilities. (I also suspect she has no idea what she's gotten herself in for with regards to this particular booze, and I may have her go "ugh, I have to find something better tasting next time!")

All of the descriptions of taste and sensations and all that are perfect; I can get back to writing this scene now. Yay!