August 27th, 2015


Imbedding Stone, Glass, and/or Plastic in skin

I'm writing a story (technically, six stories) which take place in a generic Japanese place that is probably highly innaccurately full of American-ness.  I'm not so worried about the innaccuracies with that because the entirety of the stories take place in one building which is pretty much cut off from all of the rest of the country so they don't stand out too badly to non-Japanese readers.

Essentially, a man kidnaps five other men and the stories are each from one person's perspective as told months later.  They are intentionally filled with contradictions and false information because of that reason.

The problem I have is this.  I got the story idea off of a music video I saw ( ) and in that music video, one man has what looks to be glass or plastic or crystal imbedded in his skin and another has stone in his.  The area where the glass enters the arms is scarred but the stone is much cleaner.  Not all of what I've written is from the video, but I'd like to use the stone and the glass because it's pretty spot on with the villain's "visceral bio art" thing.

For the stone, I will probably go the dermal punch / skin divers route: have the stone carved to where a bit goes under the surface and the skin heals around it at the choke point.  My problem is mostly the glass/crystal.  To my eyes, it seems almost like the glass/crystal was extremely hot when she (it's a girl in the music video) imbedded it which semi-melted the flesh which has since healed up around in in a nastily-scarred way.  I've tried researching whether it's possible to melt flesh and mostly what I've found through google is other people asking if human flesh or skin can melt and other people claiming it doesn't (yahoo answers and quora and reddit and mad science network) because it burns and chars instead.  Some people claim if the heat is high enough, it will happen.

Assuming it does melt at a high enough temperature... just how hot?  And wouldn't such a high temperature melt the glass much more than the flesh?  And if the skin won't melt, how could the glass be be embedded the way it is in the music video?  I know the skin can reject piercings -- it's the problem with corset piercings which is why they're usually temporary -- so if it was just stabbed into the skin, the skin would probably push it right back out if given long enough.

The first story is already written and the glass was noticed but not described with a great deal of detail because the narrator only saw it briefly (that's why I could make it some kind of crystal instead which would also work and as far as the music video is concerned, it looks like it could be either).  The second story will be more concerned with stone than glass but he will be able to see the character with the glass whereas the first story's narrator couldn't see him.  I'll need to pin down the details on the glass/crystal by the fourth story because that character will be the narrator.  I mean, I could have him lie about how it was done under the auspices of "don't wanna talk about it" but the sixth story is the villain's version and he wouldn't lie about that because he's proud of it.

Thank you for your time!