August 24th, 2015


idiomatic French translation for 'redneck'

So, I know nothing of French at all, but I want one character to use it when whispering to another "The redneck is staring at me again." So far, Google Translate has given me:

La rustre regarda moi de nouveau.

It's a given that the grammar is going to be wrong, so please correct me on that. But more importantly, I want to make sure I've got a good translation of 'redneck' and not something just means 'redness' or something in French. It doesn't necessarily have to connote southern or rural, as it often does here in the USA, but should be somewhere in the family of French insults like 'bumpkin' or 'low-class fool'. I hope the language has something suitable for my needs.

My speaking character is an adult male and is not natively French, but fluent enough in it that he enjoys speaking it. The character about whom he speaks is also an adult male. Setting is contemporary. And of course, the joke is that the 'redneck' understands French just fine and goes on to say, "No need to be afraid." Which Google says is:

Non besoin etre peur.

I am also sure that needs a little grammatical tweaking too. Please correct as needed.