August 15th, 2015

Dialogue for a character after concussion


I’ve got a character who gets hit in the head and sustains a mild to medium concussion, and I’m sort of struggling with writing dialogue for her right afterwards. I know that some of the symptoms of a concussion are stuff like confusion and repeating the same questions over and over, but all I can find on these symptoms is really clinical information and I feel like my dialogue isn’t going to sound…authentic, I guess, or people are going to look at it and go “what, no, that’s not how concussed people talk.”

Does anyone have any specifics on exactly how someone behaves or talks right after sustaining a concussion/up to maybe like an hour afterwards? How long until she’s back to acting “normal”?

(Some of the stuff I’ve searched: “concussion confusion”, “concussion repeating things”, “concussion immediate effects”, a bunch of other terms related to concussion symptoms, but like I said most of the results I get are lists of symptoms and other very clinical kind of stuff. If anyone has first-hand experience or anecdotal information that would be really helpful.)