May 27th, 2015

Several 1970s-80s-era USAF Questions [Still need some help]

Hi all,

Edit: Answered everything but the German wife aspect of things, still really need help there and am grateful for any help I can receive, thanks!

You may remember me from a few years back while I was starting work on a few MCs, one of whom has a German mother. Well, now I'm working on how this MC's mother and father met/married in more specifics, and I was thinking aforementioned MC's father was in the air force when they met. While trying to think of how to construct his background, I ran into some potentially useful information for people facing some of these questions in the current day, but I'm not sure how valid they would be when I'm applying it to the 1970s-80s, and I need some help constructing a believable background for this scenario. Please excuse any ignorance you may find here since I'm not too good with military specifics and have no one I can ask in regards to some of these.

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Thanks for any help and leads anyone can provide!