May 7th, 2015


[ANON POST] French Post- Sex Dialogue and More


I would like to run a few French sentences by people:

A) How would one say, "Do I please you?" / "Did I please you?" after sex? The tone is wistful, tender, sweet.


He's English, she's Czech. She speaks English with other English characters, but the intimate dialogues are mostly in French (both their second language).

They used to be married a very long time ago, and their first meeting after a decade leads to clothes ripping, against the wall sex. It's, of course, over quite fast, and then it's tender and he asks her if he (still) pleases/pleased her.

Very literally, this gave me 'Je te plais/ Tu me plais?' which I know is completely wrong. Could someone please help me?

B) An abrupt "Who the fuck is he?!" minus the vulgarity.

Context: There's a stranger living with him in their old house, and she's unpleasantly surprised and angry-hurt. She's speaking to him while deliberately ignoring the stranger in the room.

C) Very surprised, "And what are you doing in here?!" I would like some sort of verbal tick/exclamation like the unnecessary "And".

Context: Alternate scenario in the same context as above. In this, she runs across the stranger when she had thought she was alone in the house. This is not angry, but the same complete surprise as if you found a stranger wandering in your own house. She's not threatened as he could conceivably be a friend of her long estranged husband.

Does "Mais qu'est-ce que tu fais ici?!" work?


Thank you so much!