May 6th, 2015

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Female character in the US Ordnance Corps

Time frame: Late 1980s and/or during the 1990s

Searches: US military tag on this site, wiki articles on US military structure and the Ordnance Corps, Ordnance Corps website, US military careers website

Question: I have a female character who is working in a fictional Agency. I would like her job role to involve all or some of the following, but this is flexible: logistics and supplies for facilities, bases, safe houses; taking requests from operatives for equipment, sorting through these for reasonable requests and issuing them to warehouses to be delivered or to research teams to be developed; organisation and logistics. I want her to have had previous military experience, having served in the US forces either in the late 1980s or in the 1990s, in an organisational capacity. Having excelled at this would be a reason for her being employed by the Agency. My research has led to the Ordnance Corps (who on the accepting women into the military side of things apparently started accepting female missile technicians in 1974 and then female crew members and officers into Field Artillery units) but this looks like a very broad part of the military and I’m having trouble working out the structure and job roles.

Would the most likely military position for this woman have been an Ordnance Officer, a Quartermaster Officer, or something else entirely? What kind of military career would have been available to her?