April 22nd, 2015

Sabotaging a vintage bicycle

I need to describe how a smart ten-year-old sabotages a sibling's bicycle in 1930, in such a way that the rider will have a wreck going down a hill--maybe when he hits his brake?

The bike is a low-end model, manufactured some time ago and bought used by the sibling in 1929 or 30, in the rural US Midwest. The kind of bike that might have been for sale cheap during the Depression. Could be, for instance, a Kenwood from the Sears catalog originally bought in 1914. I'm not attached to make and model.

The sabotage needs to be something that can be fixed afterwards.

I have searched under vintage bicycle, history vintage bicycle, sabotage bicycle, sears kenwood bicycle...looked at some sites about vintage bikes, but somehow nobody's talking about how to break them...:) Also talked to a bike repair tech who seemed to think I was trying to ruin his day...