April 19th, 2015


Need translation from English to (Mexican) Spanish

I tried several of the on-line translators, but each came up with a different translation, and when I tried translating back to English, none came up with what I'd started with.

I'm not sure if time/location/situation are relevent, but this is set in South Texas in the mid 1980's.  Drug lord is talking to his bodyguard/second in command, and is referring to some of his lower ranked henchmen having drugged (by injection) the hero with something to knock him out.  The lines I need translated are:

Drug lord "How much did they give him?"

Bodyguard "What does it matter?"

Drug lord "I intend to find out what he knows."

Thank you in advance!

[ANON POST] Organization of US Army and Endangering A Subordinate

Time: Ambiguously present
Place: United States with just a little bit of magic

Research so far: Wikipedia entries for Structure of the U.S. Army, Conscription in the United States, and the groups and ranks involved, Army-Portal.com, the UCMJ, the U.S. Army tag on this community, and a few other websites that were not helpful. I'm having trouble finding the Google terms I want (if they exist). I mostly used variations of "officer endangering subordinate".

I'm creating a military background for a character, and I want to make sure I'm putting it together right. She was drafted in college because she has special skills disarming magical bombs. From what I read, the Dept. of Defense has drafted people for special skills before (specifically medical professionals during the Korean War, but I'll take that as a precedent) and the draft deferment for students is only until the end of the semester, so this makes sense so far.

From what I read, I think she would start as a Private on a Team of three, with one other Private and a Specialist in charge. A Team is part of a Squad, which is part of a Platoon. Would that be the usual group to interact and operate with on a regular basis, or would it be the larger Company?

It doesn't make sense to me for the whole Platoon to be made up of people with these specialized skills; it seems like there should be one Team of bomb experts attached to each regular infantry Platoon. Would that be plausible?

For my last rank question, would it be possible for her to spend about five years in the Army and leave as a specialist? I see that one usually becomes a Specialist after about two years, but moving on after that is not as automatic. She has no desire to be promoted and no inclination towards leadership positions.

Okay, the second part is more complicated. The leader of the Platoon (Side question: would she interact more with the Lieutenant [or Captain if we're talking about a Company] in charge, or with the Sergeant?) doesn't like her and he wants her gone. He leaves her alone in the company of a poorly restrained prisoner who slips the restraints and gets in a few good hits before the leader-type "realizes" that something is wrong and gets the prisoner off her. If other members of the Platoon spoke up to say that something wasn't right, would the leader suffer any consequences? I couldn't find any specific portion of the UCMJ that would cover this, especially if it looks more like a mistake than an intent to cause her harm.

Thank you for staying with me so long, and for any help you can give. All of this is far in the past for my story, but my character is going to suddenly encounter the leader in her civilian life, and I want to make sure I'm clear on the relationship between them so that I can figure out how they interact.