April 18th, 2015

blue ruiner

Minor pedestrian versus car accidents and a little bit of German language & medical culture

My setting is present day (2013), Germany (Frankfurt am Main); technically Sherlock fandom but that's largely irrelevant; emergency room/A&E or other walk-in clinic where you might go after an accident. My character is John Watson, so he has a medical background and I'd like him be to some extent self-diagnosing—that part is plot relevant. I usually operate on the assumption that Sherlock canon universe is squishier than reality, what with all the ~magical science and everything, but I'd prefer to know how this works actually IRL and then squish from there, rather than just totally wing it.

Cut because there's sort of four questions on two different subjects and also because this is long (I feel like I've gotten halfway there on everything in here, *sigh*).

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I'm American but obviously spending a lot of time writing in a British fandom, so I apologize if I swap back and forth between American and British terminology in here—I tried to stick with American terms just for consistency but I'm sure I slipped up on some.

Thank you very much in advance for any help or info you have—this community is always invaluable, and the assistance is very much appreciated. ♥