April 7th, 2015


Reward for a Good Samaritan in London in 1988

I have a plot point in my story where a bartender saves a young woman from being raped (someone tries to roofie her, he notices and calls the cops on him.)

The young woman happens to be from a really wealthy family, and when her parents find out what happen, they want to give the bartender some kind of reward, especially once they come to know that he's working to pay for college. My question is, what would be an appropriate amount? I'd like it to be reasonably significant- enough to make a sizeable dent in his college tuition (he's studying in London) but not crazy extravagant. If this was present-day US, I'd say the parents give him $5-10,000, but I'm not at all sure what that would translate to in 1988 money, leave alone pounds.

I did some research on currency exchange rates and what $5000 would have been worth in 1988, but I couldn't find the information I needed.


ETA: Looks like my effort to simplify things backfired on me!

This is a Harry Potter story, and the bartender in question is working at a Muggle bar on the side. (It makes sense in the story, I swear.) So offers of accomodation and such wouldn't really work, but a favour or similar is a good idea. He does have a sister, so would it come across as less gauche if the money were framed as something he could use to treat her? Otherwise the idea of a powerful contact in the Muggle world does have potential...

Also, re: the acceptability of her being slipped a mickey, the barman is a progressive sort. Would it work for him to have a friend on the force he can ask for a favour? The plot really does hinge on the guy being caught for attempted rape, sadly...