April 1st, 2015

Kidney surgery

In my story, two of my character, a father and a daughter, go through surgery : the father is giving one of his kidney to his daughter.

So I search with "kidney disease", "kidney surgery", "hospital procedure", and "recover from a surgery" but the infos I gathered were pretty general, I need more specific info.

So if you went through a kidney surgery, as a donor, or as a receiver, if you're a surgeon used to those kind of surgery, could you talk about your surgery, how long it took you to recover from it like when did you got out of bed for the first time after the surgery, was it painful, was it itching, did you feel tired, how long did you stay in hospital, did you have medicine to take? (As a receiver, I know you would have to, but what kind? From my research, I gathered it's different from one patient to another).

To give you more details about my OC, the father is in his early forties, and in good shape, the daughter is 18 and got a PKD disease. Her kidneys started to shut down after she spent several months not taking care of herself (short night, no that healthy food, travelling in the country).

Also, I set my story in Sheffield, in the UK, could someone describe me what a hospital room looks like? At what time do you eat?

Thanks for your help!