March 17th, 2015

SGA atlantis postcard

modern new jersey accent to someone from the 40s (also, blue jeans)

How would a modern New York (well, New Jersey, but it's my understanding they're very close-- please correct me if I'm wrong) accent sound to someone from 1940s New York? Would it be relatively the same? Would it imply any particular social status?

Also, how would someone wearing blue jeans (and a t-shirt) be seen to someone from the 40s, and would that imply anything about his social status as well? (From basic googling I get the impression that soldiers returning from WWII wore jeans fairly frequently, but I don't know if that means someone would assume someone wearing those would be a soldier, or working class, or what.)

Background: my character has just been sent back in time from ~2010 to New York around 1946 or 47. He's a white kid (about 19) wearing jeans and a t-shirt and has a pretty typical New Jersey accent. I'm trying to figure out what my main character's first impressions will be upon finding him. If you can think of anything else that would seem 'off' about someone from the future in that time period, I'd appreciate that as well.

Search terms used: variations on 'new york accent 1940s,' 'blue jeans history', 'blue jeans 1940s'. I read the wiki articles on New York City English and blue jeans.