March 4th, 2015

The 1940s & Lesbians

So my story is set in 1940s New York and I'm trying to find out some things about what being a gay girl was like at that time period. A lot of resources focus on mainly gay men and dont give way to information about the lives of gay women. I've checked articles like the Gay Metropolis but I still have some questions:

1. What were the primarily gay sections of the city and were there any where gay women were prominent?
2. At this point, was is acceptable for women to wear pants or was it still odd? (my character is sort of a tom-boy)
3. Any slang words for a lesbian/bisexual other than queer or dike?


Hand strength and sci-fi firearms

Setting: Star Wars

I'm trying to figure out if a rifle or a handgun would be easier to use for someone who had suffered a hand injury.  (Healed, but I know it would take more time than that for them to get strength back in that hand, asuming they ever get full strength back.)  Or if it would matter at all.  But in this case the rifles/handguns in question would be blasters.  *points to setting*  Which have some amount of recoil, though possibly not as much as real life firearms.  (Googling didn't turn up anything conclusive beyond people being pretty sure - from the depictions in movies and video games - that they have some recoil.)

My knowledge of weaponry is pretty much fiction only, and google searches ("hand strength and firearms" "guns" "rifles vs pistols" "rifle" "pistol") mostly just confirmed my suspicion that hand strength is important.  Maybe the character is going to have trouble until/if they recover proper strength in that hand no matter what they try using.  But I was hoping to find out whether one might be easier.  (Star Wars does have small hold out blasters, kind of analogus to Derringers.  Maybe something like that would work in the meantime?)

Any ideas?

(And yes, I know it's a setting where I could just decree that they were instantly perfectly healed, but Star Wars medicine is all over the map on its effectiveness, and this seemed more interesting.)