February 18th, 2015

Fluffy Vulcan

Changes to San Francisco Urban Landscape since 2004

Googled: San Francisco Architecture, San Francisco Then and Now. While I've found one good place to start, most of my other searches go back too far (showing SF before the 1906 earthquake) or show me new buildings, but not what was previously occupying the space.

I'm writing a Daredevil fanfic set in present canon, where Matt has moved to San Francisco. He lived there for about a year, some time back (I'm going with roughly 10 years ago, give or take). I'd like to know how the urban landscape has changed in the last decade. Not gentrification per se. More, if Daredevil is swinging from building to building and knows from past experience that when he comes to the church on X Street, with the gargoyles on the roof, he'll need to turn left—only the church moved five years ago, the building was torn down and there's now a community center in its place with a totally different shape, causing him to be unsure of his bearings.

Any ideas on what buildings/businesses he might be expect to encounter but won't? Keep in mind that if the building has just gotten a new sign over the door, he's probably not going to be aware, since he can only pick up shapes and contours. I'm looking more for former vacant lots that now hold buildings and vice versa, new additions to the skyline, and so on.

He's starting in the Mission District and heading toward Nob Hill and Pacific Heights.

Thanks so much!