February 2nd, 2015


[ANON POST] Medical Examiner's Working Conditions, 1940s NYC

Setting: New York (Manhattan), 1947

Searched: "Medical examiner" combined variously with "office," "floor plan"/"floorplan," "room," "building," "interior," "working conditions." Tried image search on these, too, and mostly got a lot of pictures of autopsy tables. Also glanced into a few of my local library's books about medical examiners, but (as well as having a more recent focus that might not be appropriate to the period) these were focused on stories of individual dead people, without a lot of mundane side-detail.

When my character who is a medical examiner is not actually performing autopsies, what kind of space is he working in?

My co-writer and I have, provisionally, imagined a small office space. It
1) opens into both a morgue/autopsy room and a hallway,
2) contains three desks, filing cabinets, a telephone, and a coffee pot, and
3) is used by two male medical examiners and a secretary (or similar female assistant).
Is this roughly plausible as described, or do the placement or furniture of the room, or the number of people using it, need to be altered?

Also, I need the ME character to enter the morgue and/or autopsy room completely unaccompanied. Is this something that might occur during the course of an ordinary day, or would it be unusual enough that the narrative would need to explain it somehow? If the latter, what might be a plausible explanation? (He himself isn't up to anything shady.)

Earth-like planet with rings: what would life be like?

Searched: "If earth had rings", and simple variations of that

Setting: An earth-like planet, a slightly modernized 1880s-1900s (Haven't narrowed it down any further yet). It's a steampunk universe, so generally lifelike physics and such, with the necessary divergences to make a steampunk universe work. :)

Question: I'm in some early stages of world-building for a prospective webcomic I'd like to do, and I was thinking it'd be really cool to set it on a planet with rings. But when it comes to science and physics and... space stuff... I'm pretty ignorant about what rings would actually affect on our planet.

Most everything I get when I search is what the world would LOOK like if we had rings around Earth, but not how those rings would actually affect our planet.

A good article I got was this, but I'm wondering if there's anywhere I can get even more in-depth? According to the article, it sounds like an Earth-like planet with rings might just mean extinction, basically, or a really... not-fun quality of life (Which is honestly alright, it's a semi-dystopic world, haha). So I'm just wondering if there's somewhere I can get some really in-depth information on how rings would affect Earth.