January 12th, 2015

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Adopted birth certificate, Illinois, early 1990s

I'm working on a novel in which the main character, who was born in the early 1990s and adopted (both of these things in Illinois), has a copy of her birth certificate (she's getting married in Scotland and needs to provide this). I'd like to know what the adoptive birth certificate looks like - I know from my research that there's a difference between this and the original birth certificate, but what, specifically? Or when someone says "adopted birth certificate" do they mean a "certificate of adoption" such as this one?


Because the rules for Scotland clearly require "Your genuine birth certificate. An unauthorised photocopy is not acceptable. If you are unable to produce your birth certificate, state the reason." So I suppose she could explain that if necessary.

For instance, this page discusses opening the state records:


And a guy in the comments says: "My adopted birth certificate actually says nothing much, just my adoptive parents names, my birthday and the name they gave me. It looks like a cheesy subsititute."

So I'm confused and would be extremely grateful to anyone who can explain!

I've done various Google searches/image searches on adoption/birth certificate/Illinois. The first hit was a Christian couple who posted a complete scan of one of their birth certificates because it arrived quickly. Within a few images, we got Obama's. It went downhill from there.

Thanks very much to anyone who can help!