January 10th, 2015


Holidaying as an orphan in the US

Setting: 90s/2000s Iowa

Someone in an orphanage, would they be allowed to go on holiday with a friend and their family? Either in the US or abroad? Or even just out of state? I basically just need something along the lines of a yes/no answer, because I want to know if it's possble for my charcter to already have a passport (something I'm fairly sure is a "no") but also if he could have been to places outside of Iowa, like Florida and California, and if the orphanage would let him go.

Putting "orphan" and "holiday" together in a Google search isn't useful in the slightest. Also searched variations on "holidaying while in state carein the US/Iowa" which mostly brings up stuff about European healthcare, for some reason, or US passport and visa requirements.

ETA: redid my searches with "vacation" at the suggestion of hexeengel, because (duh!) that's what's used in the US over "holiday", but got roughly the same thing - a lot about volunteering abroad in orphanages. And something about the Kardashians... 
Fluffy Vulcan

Hiking and camping in north-central Ontario (Killarney-Sudbury area) in early-to-mid September

Googled: Hiking in Killarney Ontario, September; Camping in Killarney Ontario, September

My story is set present-day at a fictional boarding school roughly halfway between the turnoff for Killarney off of Highway 69 and Killarney Provincial Park. It's the second weekend of September and two experienced instructors are taking a group of 20 students on a weekend camping trip in or near Killarney Provincial Park.

1) How feasible/legal is it to just drive off the main road, park by a river (the Murdock River, for example, is just by that turnoff) and set up camp? Does it need to be in a designated campground, or is it okay, so long as you're not on privately-owned land? (They really don't want to run into other campers, but if this isn't feasible, I'll just set it inside the park and deal.)

2) I've Googled enough to know that at this time of year, daytime temperatures are 20-30 degrees C (68-86 F) and nights 5-15 C (41-59 F). How about humidity? I went up there this summer and although the temps were in the mid-20s, due to the humidity, it felt a lot warmer. Would this also be true in mid-September? And what sort of clothing/supplies should they take with them? (The seasoned instructors will give them checklists as far as clothing is concerned. The school will provide everything else.)