jyaki (jyaki) wrote in little_details,

Effects of unneeded lithium dosage

Hi there... I've looked through the tags on this comm and tried various keyword combos in Google, but my mad skills seem to be failing me today. So I'm hoping someone here can give me a general idea:

I have a character, specifically a healthy young-adult male, who as part of the plot has been committed to a mental institution to 'get rid of him'. The staff have been led to believe he's genuinely ill and administer medication, specifically lithium, which he is forced to take. Assuming they've chosen what they believe will be a therapeutic dose for him (I realize the necessary dosage, amount of time, etc differs from person to person, but for my purposes I can safely fudge these), what kind of effects is he likely to experience?

Thanks very much.
Tags: ~medicine: drugs, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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