December 5th, 2014

Exercise-induced asthma and running for your life

Location: US, nowish, probably in the Deep South
Research: read up a bit on exercise-induced asthma from the Mayo Clinic and Web MD

I know more or less what the symptoms of asthma *are*, but I'm not sure of some of the details on when they'd hit, how/when my character would treat them, and so on.

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So. Would he likely start having trouble breathing during the first 5-10 minute sprint, or not until after they stop to rest/some later point? If his asthma starts acting up while he's running, would he be likely to pull out his inhaler and use it on the go, or would he need to wait 'til he's stopped? If he has to stop, (how well) would he be able to keep running until the entire group stops? Would he need to keep using it, or would once be enough? If he'd need to keep using it, how often? How, if at all, would massive doses of adrenaline (from, ya know, sheer terror) affect things? Anything else I need to know?