November 18th, 2014

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questions about opera

I'm not entirely certain how to Google this, but I'll list what I've done after the question:

I'm in need of a section of an opera for a group of people to perform. The short version is that my group of people (who do not make up a full operatic chorus; there are nine of them) will be performing a section, or multiple short sections, of an opera to impress a different group of people. All vocal ranges are covered by my people, as a note.

Ideally the opera they will be performing will have thematic content of battles, or war, or glorious deaths, or all of the above. I would like something that's not too easy (not that any opera is exactly easy) to perform either; something on the difficult side would be fine for my singers.

I don't need scenery or an orchestra or a theater; I just need to know what music I'm looking for.

The story is set a few centuries in the future, so if need be I can handwave it and invent something, but I was hoping for a smidge of historical accuracy in being able to use an existing score.

Already googled: "battle opera" (avoid that one; it just gives me a million links about Kathleen Battle); "battle songs opera" "war scenes opera", similar terms. The problem I'm running into is that I keep getting results for music used in these types of scenes in movies and such but that's not what I'm actually looking for. So suggestions on better Google-fu would also be appreciated!

[ANON POST] Request for Personal Histories from Soldiers (potential triggers)

I am trying to find out if soldiers feel disposable sometimes, or if they feel like their opponents are disposable, and what causes to act one way or the other.

I am writing a Yuletide story set in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars universe, and thinking about the clones vs. droids and how they are viewed by the people around them. Clones are viewed as sentient but disposable, droids are viewed as programmably-sentient but not people and definitely disposable.

I have looked through Wookieepedia for canon details; that's not what I'm looking for. I have also read published accounts by soldiers. I've read tons of SF about artificial intelligences. I'm looking more for a soldier to interview about things s/he may find triggery.

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And, of course, any personal input is appreciated and will be credited.

Daily Life in early-Edo period Japanese Castle

Help me, Little-Details Kenobi, you're my only hope!

My story takes place in early-Edo period Japan. I need resources on the daily life of both the servants and the Lord in the average Japanese castle. The sources I have on samurai generally talk about their duties and such in broad strokes, not the nitty-gritty of who and how they're meeting with day-to-day to accomplish that. I keep coming up with questions like:

- Where do the servants sleep? Is it in the main audience hall like in English castles? Do the personal servants sleep in the same room as their masters?

- What is the protocol for a Lord sleeping with his wife, since they often have different rooms?

- What would the title for the Lord's concubine be? How would she be addressed by equals, servants, etc? And while we're on the subject, should I be referring to the character to a concubine or a second wife? My sources use the terms interchangeably.

Books I have: Edo Culture by Nishiyama Matsunosuke, EveryDay Things in PreModern Japan by Susan Hanley, Handbook to Life in Medieval and Early Modern Japan by William Deal, Everyday Life in Traditional Japan by Charles Dunn(the most help so far!)

Search Terms: Life in a Japanese castle, Life in Medieval Japan, Japanese title for a concubine

Thankfully its a castle full of Japanese yokai, so its understandable that their culture would be very different. But I feel terrible doing guess-work based on a combination of what I know from European castle operations and extrapolation based on Japanese culture in general. :/