November 17th, 2014

Time frame (after the initial seven year wait) for getting someone presumed dead in Scotland?

Setting: Scotland. The man went missing in 2003; his wife wants him presumed dead in 2014.

Full background, though idk how much of it will be relevant to my question: There's a married couple with two very young kids. One morning, the couple has a fight, and the man is never seen or heard from again. The woman does not report her husband missing; he's reported missing several days later by a friend. The friend in question knows about the fight they had, and informs the police that it happened. The wife swears that she has no idea what happened to her husband. She says that she assumed he caught a train to London to sulk at his mother's place for a few days. The police find his mother, and she hasn't seen or heard from him either. His car is still at the house. His mobile is out of service. The wife lets the police into their home and they find no evidence of foul play. The man's mother and the friend that initially reported him missing look for him, but they have never find him. His wife never looks for him. No criminal charges are ever pressed against anyone, but the prevailing opinion in the village is that the wife got away with murder. Eleven years later, she's in love with a new man and wants to remarry.

I understand that she could have had him presumed dead after just seven years, but she didn't for two main reasons: the first being that her son didn't want her to, and the second being that her husband was very rich and she had enough people thinking she'd murdered him without opening herself up to accusations that she wanted his money.

Now, I've done enough reading on having someone presumed dead in Scotland to have a pretty good idea of how it works. The one bit of information that I haven't been able to find is an estimate for how long it will take, once she has submitted the necessary paperwork.

Tl;dr: I have a man who has been missing for more than seven years. His wife would like for him to be legally presumed dead. From the time that she files the paper work to the time when it's official, how long will the process of getting her husband presumed dead take?

Googled terms: "presumptive death Scotland" "presumed dead Scotland" "presumed dead Scotland time frame" "how long does it take to have someone declared legally dead in Scotland" "presumed dead Scotland court proceedings time"

[ANON POST] American Women Enlisting in Canadian Women's Army Corps During WWII?

My story is set in New York City during the second World War. My main character is a Jewish woman who grew up in the city and is very passionate about the war effort, because she has relatives in Europe.

The way I'm thinking about the story now, she left the US to join the Canadian Women's Army Corps soon after it was established, worked in manufacturing, but was injured in a disabling factory accident and so has moved back home. I'm really worried that this is too unrealistic a scenario to use in good conscience.

I know there were men who moved to Canada to enlist before the US entered WWII. Are there records of any women doing this? Is there a plausible way that a woman could have done this (above-board or not)?

It would be a lot simpler to have her enlist in the US Women's Army Corps when it's established, but CWAC works better for me for a few reasons:

-it gives me more time to have the events of the story play out - if she joined the US WAAC, this means the time she's working in the factory is chronologically later on she would have very little time back in New York during the war years.
-I think her having taken this step would show that she is passionate about fighting Nazism and angry at her own country. Canada established the CWAC before the US even entered the war.
-narratively, I like that she is returning home after a period of living in a new place, far away from her family

If in your opinion having her enlist in Canada is not possible, are there more realistic historical alternatives that would keep the above factors?

I really appreciate any help!

Things I have tried:
- Googling "CWAC" and reading all the pages I get that give an overview of how the CWAC worked.
- Googling things like "Americans enlisting in Canadian army" "American women enlisting CWAC" and variants
- ordering from the library all the memoirs I can find of women who served in US or Canadian armies during WWII

Painful disease to quickly kill man in his 50s

Setting: modern day Britain

The character is a man in his 50s with several pre-existing chronic conditions, but nothing that could cause death. I want him to come down with something that will kill him in 6-12 months maximum, is not genetic, is preferably rare, and is an excruciating experience. I would honestly rather stay away from cancer if possible. I can shorten the timeline by a lot (down to weeks) if possible.

I considered CJD and sporadic fatal familal insomnia, as well as various types of cancer.

Various google terms, including but not limited to 'deadliest kinds of cancer', 'rare and painful diseases', 'creutzfeldt-jakobs disease', and 'diseases to kill in 6 months'.