November 7th, 2014

Some questions about law


So this time my question is about law.

My story takes place in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in a modern setting (I was planning to use the year 2013-2014)

First of all : for this question, I googled "missing person" "reporting for a missing person" and "elopment". I check the website about it but I'm not sure I find the answer I wanted. In my story, a 18 years-old girl left her home, where she lived with her mom to look for her dad. She is going to be gone for several months, she phoned home from time to time, only to left message on the answering machine, and she doesn't really say where she is (since the mom doesn't want her to find the dad). I haven't decided yet what she told her mother : I was considering that she could tell her mom that she is doing a summer camp or some kind, something like that. I wanted to be sure that in that case, the mom can't report her as a missing person, even though she doesn't know exactly where she is.

A different question : the dad is on the birth certificate, he was still married to the mom at the time of their daughter birth, and he sent money to the mother from time to time for her daughter. So from my google research ( 'parental rights' 'paternity', I checked the website among other things, and I asked for precisions here I know he is legally the dad and I gathered it would be hard for the mom to deprive him from his parental rights. But I would like to know if it was plausible for her to sue him for something parenting related : she resents him a lot, and because of that, could be petty to the point of... I don't know, sue him for not giving enough money while their daughter was growing up?

Last question for now : I searched about things related to law, and being an attorney ("becoming an attorney", "studying law") but I didn't find something satisfying when I tried to cross two things : one of my character is the CEO of a small advertising/marketing company, the other is a lawyer, they meet because the first one need an attorney, or because on of his clients need an attorney to settle something. I was considering the latter, because I would like their working relationship to be brief because the two are supposed to date. Would it be possible for the CEO to date his lawyer, or is there a rule to forbid an attorney and a client to date? I googled "personal relation attorney/client" but I mostly found stuffs about the US or France. Plus, I'm not sure I have a plausible reasons for the first one to need the second one. Why would the CEO need the attorney? I thought that the lawyer might be the one making a contract between the CEO and a client but I'm not sure that satisfying. So if you worked in those fields, I would be glad to hear your ideas!

I also considered that they could meet because of someone not work related, but because the CEO need a lawyer because his ex-wife went to sue him, but it implies that it is plausible for the ex-wife to sue him (as it was stated in a previous question)

Thanks for your answers, thanks for your time!

Wealthy Family household staff 1920s

The story I am writing for this year's nanowrimo takes place inn the mid 1920's. The MC's family is wealthy and comes from "old money." What kind of household staff would they have? They live in a townouse if that helps. I have tried searching for Domestic employees in 1920s NYC, Household servants 1920s.
Thanks in advance!