November 5th, 2014


[ANON POST] Hemophobia and Gardening

My character (setting is present day Japan) developed hemophobia (more especifically, vasovagal hemophobia, meaning she faints at the sight of blood) after car crash. According to my research, people with hemophobia avoid activities that might result in injury. Then again, I also read it might be different for every person. Attempts at treatment through cognitive-behavioral therapy are being made, with no success.

I imagine the character enjoying gardening, but I don't know if it'd be possible with their condition. I noted in my writing my character's always very careful performing any activities that might result in injury, rather than avoiding them altogether.

I googled hemophobia, gardening, hemophobia and outdoors and living with hemophobia.

Regularly repeating solar eclipses

I am not really sure how to research this.

Is it possible for a planet to exist that would experience repeating total solar eclipses at regular intervals over one specific part of the planet? I'm not sure if I'm phrasing that right, so to use Earth as an example, what would have to change to allow for a total solar eclipse to occur over, say, Germany every 90 days? What other impact would these changes have on the planet?